All about macros (the condensed version).

Do you know that calories and grams are not at the same ratio for fat as they are for carbs and protein, and that net carbs matter more than total carbs? Each ingredient's nutritional breakdown and the amount of servings a recipe yields also need to be factored in when counting macros for diet.


Yep, there is multiplication, division, addition and subtraction involved here.


Cooking healthy, homemade meals should be easy, but if you are keeping count, this doesn't sound very easy, does it? With this looming thought, most busy people will just reach for the microwaveable TV dinner.


But... don't do it.




Because... there IS an easier way.


If you are a visual person like I am, then not only will you appreciate my colorful recipe photos, but you will also benefit from the pie charts I include with each of my recipes. They are designed to make meal planning quick, easy and fun!


I get most of my nutritional information off of ingredient labels, or from the handy website, Nutritionix. Using a spreadsheet, I add up all of the ingredients' nutritional information (calculated to the amounts used in each recipe), then divide those totals by the yields (or amount of servings) for each recipe. But I don't stop there. Since the grams to calories ratios are not the same for each piece of the macros pie, there is more math that needs to be done.


Here is the formula:

How to calculate macros and nutritional information easily.

Nutritious meals and the meal calorie calculator.

Whether you are on a precision nutrition meal planning diet, watching macros on keto, counting calories, or are just curious about nutritional information in general, it is difficult to keep track of all those numbers, much less have to calculate them. 


Eating shouldn't be preceded by mathematical equations and grocery shopping shouldn't be dreadful. 


Food is meant to be fun and when done right and combined with the right amount of exercise, it can lead us into healthier lifestyles. 

With the recipes here on Christy Boston's Kitchen, you know what you are getting at a quick glance, which leaves more time for what matters most; guilt-free dining with friends, family, your pets, or the NFL.... 

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