Keto Key Lime Mousse

Keto key lime mousse.

I recently saw a recipe on TV for key lime mousse and thought, wouldn't it be nice if there was a keto version of this? How about a key lime mousse that is nearly sugar free, even?


I am sure that there are many keto key lime mousse recipes out there, but anyone who knows me knows that when I have a revelation like this, I need to create my own version of said recipe.


This is what I love the most about being a chef. When there are recipes that I want to re-create as keto recipes, being able to do so isn't always easy. I can't use flour, for one. Sugar is definitely out, as are most fruits and fruit juices as well.


I will admit that I was intimidated by the idea of coming up with a fat bomb dessert in the form of key lime mousse. I sat on this idea for nearly a month before I set out to make it come to life.


It took me three tries and several hours, but the result is this keto key lime mousse recipe that I am quite proud of. It is light and airy like a spring dessert mousse should be, yet it is incredibly filling...


Yeah! Can anyone say fat bomb


Except you get to eat this one with a spoon, which makes it perfect for a garden tea party - keto style!


Nutritional Information

and Macros Per Serving:

Keto key lime mousse recipe.
Keto key lime mousse recipes.




Total Time: 20 Minutes

- Does not include chilling time. - 


2 cups heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon powdered whole leaf stevia
16 drops lime essential oil
6 egg whites, room temperature
zest of 1 lime


1. In a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, beat the cream, stevia, and essential oil until stiff peaks form. Set aside.


2. Using a clean bowl, beat the egg whites with the whisk attachment of a stand mixer at high speed, until stiff peaks form. You want the egg whites to be very fluffy! When the egg whites begin to collect inside of the whisk, then they are ready. This should take about 5 minutes.

How to whip egg whites for keto mousse recipes.
What your eggs whites should look like when ready.

3. Fold the lime zest into the whipped cream, then divide the whipped cream into two equal portions. Fold the first portion of the whipped cream into the egg whites and gently incorporate with a rubber spatula until the egg whites reduce in size to about half. Fold in the remaining whipped cream until well mixed throughout, but be careful not to over-stir. 

4. Carefully spoon the mousse into a piping bag with the star attachment. Pipe mousse into six small serving dishes, then garnish each with a small sprinkle of lime zest and a sprig of fresh mint. Refrigerate immediately and chill for a minimum of 15 minutes, but not more than 3 hours, before serving.

Keto key lime mousse.
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Helpful Tips:


It is important to use powdered whole leaf stevia in this recipe in order to get the pale green color naturally. If you decide to use stevia extract instead, you may want to add a little green food coloring to your mousse.


When zesting the lime, be sure to get only the green surface of the lime and not much else. The white pith beneath the green peel can be bitter. Run the lime briskly across the zester, rotating it in your hand as you go so you don't take off too much!

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